Terms & Conditions


Our Terms

At Tech Studio 75, we provide services based on the terms outlined in the following conditions. Before opting for our services, we highly recommend reviewing our terms and conditions as well as our privacy policy.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions:
The advertiser, professional, or agent will verbally agree to a summary of relevant payments, terms of service, and our cancellation procedure. These terms and conditions will be acknowledged through a confirmation email link and affirmative action by checking the “acceptance” box and clicking “submit” to review these Terms and Conditions. Failure to accept the terms and conditions within 25 days of their presentation by Tech Studio 75 will result in the offer being marked as withdrawn. Advertisers may request services from Tech Studio 75 again, however, unused credits and terms and conditions will remain in effect.

Seven Days Cancellation:
If the advertiser does not wish to be legally bound, they may revoke their consent to Tech Studio 75 within seven business days by emailing the advertiser’s name, business name, email address, physical address, and region to info@techstudio75.com with “Cancellation of Services” in the subject line. Services will be canceled without further confirmation provided that the notice is given before 5 PM UK Eastern Standard Time. The advertiser is responsible for the costs of all services. However, failure to email or communicate with Tech Studio 75 for service cancellation will be construed as acceptance of all terms and conditions and the agreement to be legally bound by the contract.

Fees for Tech Studio 75:
Advertisers can inquire about costs and pricing for any service via phone, chat, or email. Service charges are detailed on the individual product/service terms and conditions pages outlined previously. By accepting these terms and conditions, advertisers explicitly agree to pay the charges and prices for the services requested, as communicated to them at or before the time of acceptance.

Free Features Policy:
Certain free features include a “.com” domain for one year only, excluding premium domains, and free shared hosting (basic hosting) for the first year only. SSL certificates are not included in basic hosting for free. Email storage limits in basic hosting are up to 1 GB.

Advertisers must use one of the following two payment methods: credit card, to be charged by Tech Studio 75, or a bank cheque made payable to Tech Studio 75. By accepting these terms and conditions, advertisers authorize Tech Studio 75 or its merchant services provider to store their financial information for payment purposes. Advertisers are responsible for notifying Tech Studio 75 in writing of any changes or updates to their financial information. All expenses must be paid in USD, and advertisers are solely responsible for any associated charges. All fees are due according to the agreed-upon fee schedule or immediately upon receipt of invoice.

Late Payments:
Payments made via credit card or bank account are processed to avoid the inconvenience of late payment for both parties. However, it is the advertiser’s responsibility to ensure that Tech Studio 75 has the most updated credit card or bank account information, and such methods are suitable for payment of Tech Studio 75’s services. In the event of a payment method failure and one or more payments are made after the due date, late payments are subject to a late fee equivalent to the greater of $180 or 10% of the total amount due, not to exceed the maximum amount allowed by law. In addition to late fees, advertisers agree to pay all attorneys’ fees and costs incurred by Tech Studio 75 for late payment collection efforts.

Early Termination Fee:
If an advertiser terminates service prior to the completion of the contract term, the advertiser will pay an early termination fee equivalent to the remaining Contract Value. The Contract Value is calculated by taking the number of months fulfilled in the agreement or considering requests times the monthly costs applicable to the Services. For example, the Contract Value of Services totaling $1000 for a three-month term is $2500. If the advertiser cancels after the first month, the cancellation fee will be $1500.